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I should probably start by saying how much I love Uther, because he is genuinely one of my favourite characters. It is this love, and considerable goading from SOMEONE that led to the posting of this mix. You have to admit that the characterisation of Uther has had its ups and downs (I just read a Guardian online article in which he was described as George W Bush in the first few episodes.) This is a mix for everytime I turn on my TV and suddenly Uther is a megalomaniac, instead of a man who holds magic responsible for the death of his wife. It's a mix about a guy with black leather gloves, and so few canon morals that fandom sometimes gives him *interesting* reactions to certain events. Anyway Uther = FTW so on with the mix. 


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18 January 2009 @ 11:05 am
the first of my list of fives for 08
i have been to the cinema many timesCollapse )
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15 January 2009 @ 10:10 pm

so it's a new year and that means i need a new journal that i'm actually going to update. or try to.

spamming stuff with probably go unlocked, but rl stuff will be friends locked. mostly it'll just be me
whining about essays and work and that kind of thing. and collections. for which i totally should be
studying, so i'm going to bugger off and watch west wing now. because that's studying. it stops me
from going absolutely crazy. and i go through grammar in my head. yeah i'm going to FAIL.
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