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18 January 2009 @ 11:05 am
my two thousand and eight  
the first of my list of fives for 08
five best films (no real order)

indiana jones and the curse of the crystal skull.
because even though it had aliens - i HATE aliens - it was epically good. in the way that bad films can be epically good.
lesson learned: when setting off an atomic bomb make sure you have a lead lined fridge handy.

there will be blood.
saw this with graham and tracy so i can't not like it - i MISS them - but it was so amazing anyway that i don't feel guilty about that. the kid should have been nominated for an oscar at least, he was insanely good.
lesson learned: potentially best not to convert crazy oil men.

the dark knight.
who else is sick and twisted and laughed at the pencil trick? and the "my card" thing? it was so gripping and so worth seeing twice. even if christian bale didn't out hot himself like he normally does.
lesson learned: introduce a little anarchy.

son of rambow.
i loved this film so much! and it made me cry so much. and basically i'm going to have to watch it again at some point.
lesson learned: it doesn't matter when your dream doesn't come true.

the royal tenebaums.
there are no words to explain how much i love this film, or why i've seen it three times since september. who knew ms paltrow could act? who knew that i actually liked wes anderson movies?
lesson learned: almost incest is very cute and strangely compelling.
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